Portland Pinbrawl 2015

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

April 19th, 2015


The tournament format is a best-of-three double elimination bracket.

Initial bracket positions are randomly assigned. Opponents are assigned to a machine randomly drawn from available machine bank and will play two-player games on this machine until one player has won two games.

The winner continues on in the winners’ bracket while the losing player moves through the elimination bracket until he or she loses another best-of-three match.


All machines will be on free play. Players must be careful to start a two-person game. Games started with only one player must be restarted if a second player cannot be added. Opponents will flip a coin to determine who picks position for the first game. Position alternates in subsequent games. Once one player has won two games, it is the winner’s responsibility to report the result to the tournament director. Players with results to report will line up at the DJ booth in an orderly fashion and report their results to the tournament director one at a time. No jackassery will be tolerated, but we’ll cover that in the “Conduct” section of the rules. To report machine malfunctions and request tournament rulings, alert one of the tournament officials (Greg, Isaac, Zoe or Nate). Officials will be using IFPA/PAPA rules and have the final say in any issue brought to their attention.

Basic Rules

Games will have extra balls disabled and be set to tournament mode where applicable. If a player is awarded an extra ball, he or she must stop play and alert an official. The official will take note of the situation, and the player may play the awarded extra ball.

If a player executes a deathsave or a bangback, they lose the game.

If a player slamtilts the machine, they lose the game.

If a player plays out of turn, launching his or her opponent’s ball, the player loses the game; if it is not their second loss in the match, the match continues.

If a ball becomes stuck, players may move the machine at their own risk. If a player tilts trying to free a stuck ball, that is the end of their ball. We recommend alerting a tournament official, who will in turn alert a tech to free the ball if necessary. If a ball becomes stuck during multiball, the player must trap their remaining balls and alert a tournament official rather than continuing play.

In the event of a stuck ball or similar machine malfunction, the player should stay at the machine and hold up one flipper (to prevent ball searches and chase balls) while their opponent alerts a tournament official. The stuck ball will be placed on the flipper that corresponds with the side of the playfield where the ball was stuck; stuck balls will never be placed in the plunger lane.

Players are responsible for verifying their own scores. Do not take your opponent’s word for it that you have surpassed their score and won the game. If a player drains under the assumption that they have won but then discovers they have not, the game scores still determine the final results.


Malfunctions will be dealt with in accordance with IFPA/PAPA rules. If a malfunction does not directly cause a player to lose their turn or give a player a significant advantage, it is considered a minor malfunction and play should continue as normal. Unrepeated physical failures (e.g. failed kickback, balls jumping off ramps or over flippers) are considered part and parcel with pinball’s unique charm and will not be treated as major malfunctions even though they may end a player’s turn.


Don’t be a jerk to people or property. Do not abuse the machines. Tournament officials and Ground Kontrol reserve the right to disqualify a player from the tournament and/or remove him or her from the venue at their discretion.


$750 - 1st place
$500 - 2nd place
350 - 3rd place
$200 - 4th place
$100 - 5th-6th place
$80 - 7th-8th place
$60 - 9th-12th place
$40 - 13th-16th place

Tournament Officials

Isaac Ruiz
Greg Dunlap
Zoe Vrabel
Nathan Stellhorn


Brackelope Live

Follow tournament results on Brackelope Live.

IFPA/PAPA Offical Rules

Official rules of sactioned IFPA/PAPA events.

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